Paula Burton

Mass Dynamics


Paula Burton is a leader for a new generation of Australian entrepreneurs. Paula is not only establishing a game-changing global scitech startup at Mass Dynamics, she is forging a path to the future for women across all digital and scientific careers in Australia.

Paula has been dismantling the glass ceilings faced by women in tech in Australia for over two decades. Her natural inclination and unmatched ability to join the dots between technology, people, and business, has made that happen. She is a polymath who, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, can control and inspire an unruly pub crowd at a Friday night charity gig. Then put a suit on, and explain the market potential of some complex science topics to money people and investors on Monday. Seamlessly, on Tuesday, you will find her working the crowds at science or software development conferences, or on-stage speaking about her journey in the tech industry. She is tireless, selfless and fearless.

Paula is the kind of modern Australian we should all get behind to amplify her influence and leadership, and cheer her on as she helps lead Mass Dynamics to the world markets as a leading innovator, and growing employer.