Zoe Kalar

WeAre8 Founder

Global CEO

Zoe Kalar is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. Zoe has made significant strides across the global business landscape, particularly in media, technology, and social innovation. She is the founder and CEO of WeAre8, a platform that redefines social media by focusing on positive social and environmental impacts. Zoe began her entrepreneurial journey early, founding MM Communications at just 21 years old. This company grew to over 100 employees with offices across the Asia Pacific region before it was sold to Omnicom in 2000. She later established and led the Standard Media Index, a New York-based media data aggregation business that became essential for major media and finance companies worldwide. In 2020, Zoe launched WeAre8, the world’s first B-Corp-certified social media ecosystem. This platform is designed to transform the digital advertising sector by redirecting ad dollars to benefit users and the planet. WeAre8 supports social and environmental causes by sharing 60% of its advertising revenue with its community and partnered charities. The platform encourages users to watch videos that fund these causes, effectively making each user’s engagement directly beneficial to broader social initiatives.