the f5 collective theory of change

At F5 Collective, we are committed to transforming the entrepreneurial landscape to foster an inclusive, supportive environment for female founders. Our Theory of Change is rooted in a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of these entrepreneurs’ challenges and outlines our strategic approach to creating meaningful, sustainable impact.


The Problem:
  • Persistent funding gaps for female entrepreneurs.
  • Systemic barriers stemming from entrenched gender stereotypes and a lack of accessible networks.
  • Female founders receive significantly less venture capital funding than their male counterparts.
  • Cultural biases and a male-dominated prototype in entrepreneurial and tech sectors hinder the recognition and support of female-led initiatives.

We envision a world where gender does not limit an entrepreneur’s potential. Our approach involves:

  • Ecosystem Engagement: Collaborating across industries to reshape perceptions and establish new norms that support female entrepreneurs.
  • Strategic Advocacy: Influencing policy and corporate practices to create a more balanced business landscape.
  • Fund: Direct financial support to high-potential, female-led startups.
  • Advocate: Push for policy changes that mandate transparency and diversity in funding.
  • Connect: Facilitate partnerships that provide mutual benefits and foster growth.

Join us in driving up change

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